Aman K Sidhu

Aman k sidhu

International Communications Consultant 


Hello. My name is Aman Sidhu. I'm an international communications consultant with nearly two decades of experience. I firmly believe purposeful communications is the key to success. As a consultant I offer a trio role as a communications and partnerships strategist, facilitator and event coordinator. My work has spanned four continents, from boutique public relations in New York city, to hidden highland South American villages to global assignments in Europe that tackle international issues. With the power of innovation, collaboration and cultural context, I can create a lasting impact on your projects and programs. As a global citizen and a natural people person, I'm inspired by my clients and the work they do, and together we spark ideas to boost knowledge, awareness and visibility. 



In an ever-changing and more connected world, communication continues to be an important ingredient for success. I have specific experience in health, environment, climate change, food security and policy issues. My partnership work has allowed me to work on ways to work effectively with and pitch to public and private sector stakeholders ranging from national government to corporations.

I offer a candid, tailored approach considering the big picture, when I work on communications strategy and services. Based in the South of France, I have the flexibility and ease of working with clients across Europe. Due to my speciality in international affairs, I also work closely with clients dotted around the map, as technology and proper communication allows me to.

Global issues require global solutions. My goal is to help you reach your goals in a sincere, realistic and respectful way.

I’m a global citizen, born and raised at the cross-section of three cultures with ambitions as a young child to change the world and report and communicate it to others. Early on I made the decision to pursue communications as a life career, but was equally interested in humanitarian affairs and environmental issues. Was there a way to bring the two together?


"Aman is a great communicator and personality and terrific person to have on the team. She can lead and facilitate teams and do the heavy lifting from logistics to production. She is a 150% achiever who is delightful at the same time."

/  Head of partnerships and external engagement - international organization/



As a young student, I dived into my studies of communications at Michigan State University, gathering work and research experience from downtown Detroit, coastal and tourist towns in Mexico and Jordan capturing radio, music, health concerns (both chronic and infectious), prevention and behavioral methods, as well as social and psychological theories for campaigns at local and regional levels.

From there I switched gears to work in a public relations boutique firm in Manhattan where we worked with non-profits and advocacy groups preventing infectious diseases. This involved digesting and creating messaging regarding intricate medical terms and research, constantly reviewing policies and changes in vaccines and travel, careful monitoring of outbreaks and influenza tendencies, as well as organizing scientific round-tables, press conferences and advocacy conferences through respected national NGOs as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US. The highlights were working closely with advocacy clients, who had suffered greatly from infectious disease, and empowering them to turn their experience into a way to make change.

Afterwards, I embarked on a Peace Corps Service in the northern highlands of Peru where I worked closely with local and regional governments to create a health and communications campaign geared toward pregnant women, women with children under five years old and teens. This work required a lot of cultural awareness, training and facilitation with local health and municipal workers. The communications component was very effective and useful in not only reaching the health campaign objectives, but empowering communities and creating sustainable change. Our featured health radio program was the highlight of this experience as it integrated campaign messaging along with empowered local voices onto the airwaves. 

In the last few years, I left the on-the-ground work to pursue more international themed work. I’ve worked closely with Bioversity International on various projects ranging from partnerships, to external communications, internal communications and facilitation. I’ve had the opportunity to coordinate sessions at international forums, create and provide feedback, through a communications lens, on project proposals worth thousands of dollars, facilitate important internal and external meetings to advance projects as well as closely advise senior management on internal communication strategies during a time of change. I enjoyed working with internationally based colleagues, which further opened my communications lens to different cultures and ways of collaboration, while still aiming for similar goals.

I speak English, Spanish, Punjabi, French and Italian.


communications researcher
2001 – 2008

Public Relations account executive
2009 – 2010

community & communications for development coordinator
2010 – 2012

communications & Facilitation consultant
2013 – Present


"Aman continuously demonstrated a range of valuable skills including undertaking partnership analysis, internal and external group facilitation and creative problem solving.  I witnessed her use her emotional intelligence and superior communications skills, in addition to partnership engagement experience, to deliver the outcome on time." 

/  Partnerships manager - international organization/