Real talk with Rahtwofive on music, fashion and life


Rahtwofive is a business man, musical artist and fashion designer all wrapped up into one. He has been disrupting the scene with his music and style. Rahtwofive followed his dreams by getting into the music industry and continues to collaborate and travel for more inspiration. A big advocate for spirituality and meditation, Rahtwofive has aspirations beyond getting big in music. Currently he’s based in the City of Angels, but was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  follow @rahtwofive for unique jams and style with a positive twist.

If we were in a skyscraper elevator in NYC and you were to give your pitch, what would it be?

I’m an entrepreneur with a focus on the arts.  I love philosophy and experiencing different countries, cultures, and foods.  I’m very affectionate towards my family.  I’m ambitious, but honest and fair.

How did you get into music?

Michael Jackson’s pure love for the world, and his music videos, originally inspired me to become an artist early on.  I really like Billy Joel, he’s my dad’s favorite artist, and I love his songs and writing style as well.  On top of that, I was continuously around Indian music, being from a family with Punjabi culture that loves to dance any chance we can.

When I got to 7th grade, my friends started watching rap videos and freestyle battles. I was hooked. I began turning my poetry into raps and recited my verses for my friends for feedback.  Slum Village, Kanye West, Nelly, Biggie, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, were some of my first rap inspirations.  I was also very into RnB with Usher, B2K, Ashanti and Ja Rule, Jagged Edge, 112, R. Kelly, Ginuwine, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Montel Jordan and Bobby Brown. It's a long list, but each artist formed and inspired me in a special way.

BET’s 106 and Park became an everyday thing to watch when I came home from school. Who else used to watch that?  Although, I recorded my first song when I was 15 in one of my friend’s basement, I really got serious about it all at 17. At this time I went to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and joined a hip hop dance team, which further inspired my creativity and music.

Putting together two things that wouldn’t necessarily match, but still work nicely side by side, inspires me.

After moving to Los Angeles, California for fashion college, I continued practicing song writing in my apartment.  I began collaborating with numerous producers and finally found my own unique style and sound. Then I got pretty good and started making some good songs that people genuinely and unanimously liked.  I bought a bunch of equipment, opened my own studio and now I'm getting ready to do a full release and promotion to push my new songs. Soon after I’ll be starting on my own record label.


You make it sound so easy. What gets you into the creative flow?

When my inspiration tank gets full. Inspiration can come from going through any situation either in a relationship or with family or business.  It can come from dreams of my ideal lifestyle.  Inspiration comes from both successes and failures. New fashion and styles inspire me.  Putting together two things that wouldn't necessarily match, but still work nicely side by side, inspires me.

I like that you pointed out finding inspiration in failure. Often times we are taught failure is bad, but you're right, it can be a way to inspire and create something new or find a better solution. What do you do when you feel your creative energy is blocked?

I stop and relax. I lay in bed and read or go to the gym.  Drinking water and feeling healthy is a good way to get back into having high energy for creating!

Wow! I lean more towards coffee, but you’re right, a bit more H2O could do us all some good. Who is your biggest inspiration?

It’s hard to pick just one. For and foremost, I’d say my mom. She has always supported me in my creative endeavors and has facilitated my growth. Her encouragement and love has been a true blessing. Then, in no particular order, I’ve been inspired by and continue to be inspired by Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, King Tut, Amun - Ra , Old Maharajas of India, Kanye West, The Weeknd, Ceaser, Lionitus from the movie 300, P. Diddy and Jesus. Inspirational playlist coming soon. 

Switching a bit to fashion. How would you define your fashion style?

I like simple colors, athletic-leisure, sneakers, shine a little with gold or diamond accessories, but not too much. I also like to add my small framed sunglasses or a loud unique jacket, sometimes.

What’s the inspiration behind your Mahajan clothing line?

I made this clothing line tailored to the way I want to dress.  I feel like a young, active prince that likes nice fresh looking sporty things that I can wear out and in the house. I want to give off a relaxed and comfortable vibe, yet rich.

Through this line I want to re-define what it is to be “Great”.  With the slogan #BeGreat I want to push people to live their greatest life at their highest potential.

Also, to note, the name Mahajan is my last name and it means Great Human.  

You can follow along @themahajans for more inspiration and links to shop. 

Fast forward ten years. Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with?

I live in California.

I am still making music and am seen as a Veteran in the game after more than 10 years of big records and awards. 

I have a huge real estate portfolio and empire and am designing homes, office buildings and hotels around the world. 

I am very actively involved in environmental change and dabbling in politics. 

Huge fashion brand sponsoring artists and athletes and bringing in millions per year. 

I am married with kids and am closer than ever with my mom, brother and dad. I have 2-3 strong close friends.

Your body and your soul tell you what to do, you have to listen, build a relationship with them.

If you could be any super hero, who and why?

I would create my own super hero :) Already have rough sketches and concepts for scenes drawn out. Sketches coming soon.

Finally, what would be your advice to others out there looking to tap into their instincts and creativity but may feel “stuck”.

Follow your intuition.  Your body and your soul tell you what to do, you have to listen. Build a relationship with them, and actually act on your visions of what you're here to create and have the ability to create.

Thanks for the chat! If you have questions and comments for Rah, drop them below.