Aman K Sidhu

"Aman possesses excellent project management skills, a keen understanding of communications and enjoys networking.  Aman was indeed energized by the prospect of helping to create clarity in a very complex situation." 

/  communications manager - international organization/


"Aman is a true professional who takes every project – whether it is development, fundraising, communications, research or her creative pursuits – to the next level. She builds strong networks and focuses on getting her work done. She is a central point, a connector and a communicator."

/  head of communications - international organization/


"Aman has great energy and passion for her work, and her enthusiasm is contagious. She is willing to take calculated risks and is resilient in challenging circumstances. I would welcome the chance to work with her again."

/  senior account executive - public relations agency/


" Since we first met, I have been impressed by Aman's commitment to learning and, in the workshop, her natural talents in facilitation."

/  international facilitator and trainer/